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Admins, Are You Ready for ELD?

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In this week’s Wildcard Wednesday, Kyle Dodsworth, ELD Specialist, will help you prepare for the forthcoming ELD mandate by reviewing a day in the life of an admin and what to expect after December 18, 2017.


  1. Do you by any chance Have a printable version of this? I am extremely knowledgeable With ELD, Although I have been in Safety for over 11 years I’m Not on the admin side. I would like to be able to study it and reference back on it, Instead of having to watch a video anytime I need help.

    • Hello,
      I don’t believe we have a print version of the video’s content. However, with any questions you have, please feel free to reach out to your resellers, they are professionally trained to help you with any question. You can also reach out to our support team using the chat widget located at the bottom right corner of our web pages.
      Thank you

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