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Using Geotab’s Data Feed

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Using the SDK data feed to pull data from MyGeotab. What the feed is and how to use it to get both live data and specific data using search objects. Examples are found on


  1. Good morning, I have been trying to use this code to see if I can pull out the data, however I always get an error message.

    In the line where the login information goes : API api = new API(“XXXXX”, args[0]……

    this is the message I get: IndexOutOfRAngeException was unhandled.

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Monica,

      That args variable is an array of strings that represent the arguments passed into the program. In the video I used the args to keep my password hidden. To try out this code the user can simply replace the args variable with a string. So the line becomes: API api = new API(“”, “password” …….. where should be replaced with your username and password should be replaced with your password.

    • Yes the data can be exported into a CSV file. Once they have the data in C# they can do whatever they want with it. For some examples on ways to create a CSV file in C# please see here and here.

  2. How could I do this using Java. I mean I’m looking at the datafeed example you guys provide for java and would like to set the login information as you did in this example.


    • The way I am setting the login info is by passing my password in as a parameter. Its the same as passing an argument to an exe from the command line just in visual studio. I did it this way to hide my password.

      You do not have to do this if you doesn’t want to, you just needs to create the API object by providing your username, password and optionally your database and server:

      API api = new API(username, password, null, database, server);//Note database and server are optional and likely not needed.

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