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8 Free Custom Fleet Management Reports

8 Free Custom Fleet Management Reports - Ready to Download
Author: Tamara Bouchard, Solutions Engineer

Reporting is an essential element of fleet management, but finding time to set up reports can be challenging. With this in mind, Geotab has added eight new custom fleet management reports to provide businesses with actionable data. As a Solutions Engineer at Geotab, part of my job is to ensure fleet managers have the tools they need to effectively manage and improve fleet efficiency, productivity, and safety. These report templates were custom-designed to do just that and are available for free on the Geotab Marketplace.

To learn how to import a report into MyGeotab Fleet Management Software, watch our Reporting Basics video on YouTube.

New Custom Fleet Management Reports for the MyGeotab Platform:

Click on a report name to jump to the section.

Health and Diagnostics Custom Reports

Check the health of your telematics devices and fleet vehicles with three new reports.

Telematics Device Issue Detection Report

Detect device-related issues to ensure a strong telematics device uptime in your fleet. It includes a breakdown of exactly which devices are experiencing performance issues, what those issues are, and how they can be addressed in order to restore normal device functionality.

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This fleet management report details:  

  • Device performance issues
  • Fault type
  • Troubleshooting tips

Watchdog Report by Minute

Keeping track of telematics device health is an important task that’s often overlooked. Manage device uptime with the Watchdog Report. Devices are tested throughout the day to ensure they are communicating via the cellular network and accurately recording trips made by fleet drivers and their vehicles.

This version of the Watchdog Report allows you to monitor communication status minute by minute as compared to the default report. See which devices have been offline for 5-30 mins, 30-60 mins, and 60+ mins. The email setting makes it possible to have this fleet management report sent direct to your inbox when device communication is delayed longer than 5 minutes.

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Special features:

  • Simple to read and understand
  • Built-in conditional email reporting function
  • Multilingual support

geotab watchdog telematics device fleet management report

Dynamic Vehicle Maintenance Reminder

Fleet managers focused on maintenance planning and asset utilization will appreciate this custom fleet management report. Stay informed on which vehicles have upcoming service needs with the Dynamic Vehicle Maintenance Reminder. Receive email reminders of service due, according to set rules for Due Date, Due Distance, or Due Engine Hours.

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Report features:

  • Logic included for dynamic email sending
  • Customizable maintenance due parameters
  • Applicable to all reminder types

fleet management maintenance email reminder report

Fuel Savings Custom Reports

Boost your fleet’s fuel efficiency with these custom fleet management reports that look at the cost of fuel and your fuel economy per fill up.

Cost Analysis Scorecard

See how driver behavior is impacting the total cost of operation (TCO) of your fleet. This is a great report for fleet managers who are focused on driver training and fleet optimization. Results can be shared with drivers to help them understand and improve their driving habits behind the wheel.

Idling and aggressive driving have a direct impact on total cost of operation. Idling burns roughly 1 gallon of fuel per hour and vehicles which idle more than 50% of their on time experience higher maintenance costs. Increased maintenance costs are also associated with aggressive driving behavior.

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The Cost Analysis Scorecard summarizes a number of key fleet metrics:

  • Idling Duration & Cost
  • Total Distance, Drive Time & Stops
  • After Hours Trips
  • Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Brake, and Harsh Cornering Count
  • Speeding Time & Cost of Speeding
  • No. of Tire Wearing Events & Additional Tire Maintenance Costs
  • Total Driver Behavior Costs
  • And much more

Costs are based on USD currency, and the report provides gallon or litre options and customizable cost inputs. The graph display allows fleet managers to quickly analyze and understand the data.

fuel cost analysis scorecard

Average Fuel Economy Report

An essential fleet management report for those looking to decrease their total fuel costs. Reducing fuel expenses can lead to a more efficient and profitable business operation. This report provides an easy-to-understand visualization of the average fuel economy for your fleet based on either liters per 100km (L/100km), MPG US, MPG IMP, or KML.

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Report features:

  • Easy to interpret
  • Great candidate for dashboard reporting
  • Fuel trending analysis over time

average fuel economy fleet report

CO2 Emissions Report

Decrease your fleet’s carbon footprint with the CO2 Emissions Report. Reducing CO2 emissions not only contributes to corporate sustainability efforts, but also leads to a more efficient and profitable business operation.

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This report uses engine-based fuel economy data to calculate the estimated amount of CO2 emissions as a result of fleet activity. It is available in an easy-to-read chart or graph format, and supports all relative units of measure.

custom co2 emissions report

Trips and Exceptions

Understand your fleet better and faster with these time-saving, custom fleet management reports on driver safety trends and exceptions.

Mobileye Weekly Trending Scorecard

Enhance driver safety and asset management with the Mobileye Weekly Trending Scorecard. This custom report shows the scoring trend for each Mobileye user.

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View driver risk score based on:

  • Forward Collisions
  • Headway Levels
  • Lane Departure
  • Pedestrian Collisions
  • Urban Frontal Collisions

This report applies Mobileye rules to the Risk Management report in order to measure and log the number of warnings. The report takes into account the total mileage driven to normalize the events/100 distance units. The graphical display of scores over previous weeks allows for an easy visualization of driver trending behavior.

mobileye weekly trending scorecard

Exception Detail with Trips History

Investigate asset exceptions at a more granular level. Click on a link within the report sheet to directly open the exception’s trips history information. The exceptions list is customizable.

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The Exception Detail with Trips History report is ideal for:

  • Fleet managers who don’t have time to filter through the trips history data.
  • New users to MyGeotab and users of all experience levels.

geotab exception detail with trips history report

Find More MyGeotab Custom Reports on the Geotab Marketplace

Visit the Geotab Marketplace today to download these new custom fleet management reports and others. The Marketplace has over 25 custom reports to help fleet managers with fuel management, driver safety, Hours-of-Service (HOS) compliance, and more.

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    I am starting a new position as a fleet manager at an ambulance and medical transportation company with 150 vehicles. I was hoping to get a better idea of the services you offer, costs, length of time before we can go live with technology, monthly/yearly fees, reporting you offer and any information on other medical transportation companies that may already use your services.

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      Thank you for inquiring! A Geotab representative will follow up with you directly.

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