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Your tour of the Geotab Data Science Package for fleets

Published on October 15, 2019 in Smart City by Geotab Team |  1 minute read

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Geotab's AVP of Data Engineering describes how the new Data Science Package for fleets provides instant access to all your big data sets.

Looking for ways to make data analysis easier? Introducing the Geotab Data Science Package — a turnkey, ready-to-use software that allows you to access your data from a single platform. With the Data Science Package, you have access to all your datasets from an organized data pool.


Draw insights from your fleet data, and also bring in data from other areas of business, such as point of sales data, store locations or planned routes, to name a few.


In this video, Dan Dodgson, Associate Vice President, Data Engineering at Geotab gives you a quick tour and overview of the Data Science Package for fleets.




Geotab Data Bootcamp recap 2019


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