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Create subscriptions to your telematics data securely with Geotab Extendable Services

Last updated on September 20, 2022 in Fleet Management by Geotab Team |  1 minute read

Learn about Geotab's Extendable Services, how it works and why customers can benefit from it

It is no secret that telematics data can help unlock business models to drive greater efficiencies across your organization. Key fleet business partners can drive even greater value for their customers when empowered with access to their telematics data. 


Through access to actual driving and vehicle engine data, businesses can develop new product and service offerings such as performance-or usage-based insurance benefits or more personalized vehicle maintenance and warranties. 


Geotab now globally supports every customer’s ability to share their own telematics data with their trusted partners in a secured and reliable way.  

What are Extendable Services? 

Extendable Services enables customers to share telematics services with their business partners and trusted organizations through subscriptions. Secondary subscriptions can be purchased at a rate plan share level allowed by the customer. It is possible to have a higher-tier rate plan in the secondary database(s). 

How Extendable Services works

Some key points about Geotab’s Extendable Services:

  • Extendable Services protect private fleet information in the customer database, such as driver names, groups, zones and more. This is an added benefit, over adding user credentials for multiple third parties on the same database.
  • Data is split at the gateway level. This means that no information captured in any MyGeotab databases is shared. Only the data relevant to the assigned rate plan will be sent to the new recipient.
  • Currently, Extendable Services only support data originating from Geotab GO devices.

Currently, Extendable Services supports the following Geotab software rate plans: Base, Regulatory, Pro and ProPlus. Customers can create subscriptions for different streams at different levels, as needed. 


“MyGeotab is an amazing tool that allows customers to take raw data and turn that data into meaningful insights for any business through innovations around our rules engine and reporting features. With Geotab Extendable Services, customers have the ability to share specific MyGeotab services to other companies in a controlled and managed manner, allowing them to do more with their data while opening the door for greater collaboration and visibility with their core business partners.”

Vehicle edit option

How can customers enable Extendable Services? 

Customer personnel must have administrator security clearance in MyGeotab in order to initiate and accept Extendable Services. Administrators must know the name of the MyGeotab database to share the telematics service to, as well as specify the plan that indicates the level of data shared with the receiving database. 


A notification will appear in the recipient database that users with appropriate clearances will see upon their next login to MyGeotab. Once they accept this service, subscription fees will apply to the receiving database’s organization. Read the User Guide for the full instructions on how to enable and accept Extendable Services. 


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