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New Changes to the Geotab End User Agreement

New Changes to the Geotab End User Agreement

Geotab is pleased to release a revised and refreshed version of our End User Agreement (EUA), effective as of June 1, 2016. The Geotab EUA covers the Geotab firmware on each GO Device as well as the MyGeotab software-as-a-service platform.

The Geotab EUA serves several purposes, including describing:

  1. Expectations — The main reason Geotab requires end users to agree to the EUA is to clearly establish what you can expect from us and what we expect from you in your use of the Geotab solution.
  2. Permitted Uses — Among other things, the EUA describes the permitted uses of the Geotab solution and sets out Geotab’s product warranty, along with industry-leading protection in the event an intellectual property infringement claim is made against your use of the Geotab solution.  
  3. Data Handling Procedure — The EUA also clearly explains how we handle data, both the individual vehicle data you use to track your fleet and the aggregated data we use for things like fleet benchmarking and other new offerings.

Third Party Provider Terms

The Geotab solution brings together the offerings of a number of third party providers, such as wireless airtime providers, mapping providers, posted road speed providers and storage providers. As part of our arrangements with these providers, many require us to pass through to you certain terms and conditions relating to your use of their specific portion of the offering.  These third party provider terms form part of our EUA. However, new to this version of the EUA we have removed these third party provider terms from the main body of the EUA and located them in two separate linked documents – one for wireless provider terms and one for other providers (such as storage, mapping, and posted road speed).    

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Like many platform providers with thousands of customers, Geotab uses a click-to-accept mechanism to enter into our EUA. This is the most practical and efficient way to contract with such a large number of customers, and helps us to keep a level playing field among our customer base. However, we understand and appreciate that click-to-accept only works if the agreement we are asking you to accept is practical, reasonable and transparent. That’s why we have always welcomed feedback from our ecosystem members and have done so again since our last EUA update in February 2015. Many of the changes in this new version of the EUA are based on such member feedback.

Highlights of the New Geotab End User Agreement

Some of the highlights of the revised EUA are set out below:

  • We made it shorter, eliminating unnecessary or redundant language.
  • Better organized with more white space to make it easier to read.
  • Added the limited lifetime warranty for the ProPlus plan.
  • Limitation of Liability — we increased the amount we are liable for from 2 months’ service fees to 12 months’ service fees to better reflect industry standards.
  • Narrowed the feedback clause to make it clear that feedback only consists of information you actively provide to us.
  • Clarified that we claim no ownership over the individual vehicle data generated by your vehicles which are tracked with a Geotab device.
  • Clarified our use of aggregated big data to monitor and improve our products and create new products.
  • Removed the mandatory arbitration language.
  • Introduced a dual jurisdiction mechanism – for our U.S. customers, New York law and courts govern; for all other customers, Ontario law and courts govern.
  • Wireless Provider Terms have been shortened by 3 pages and simplified to focus on those provisions that are most relevant to the Geotab solution.
  • Other Provider Terms have been reorganized and reformatted to make them more readable and easier to determine which ones apply to your use of the Geotab solution.

Our goal is to make doing business with Geotab as easy as possible.  We believe that our EUA is an important piece of that puzzle.  In a fast-moving and highly-innovative industry such as ours we need to keep pace with new developments and your feedback helps us do that.

If you wish to review the new End User Agreement please visit the following link. For more information related to your account, login to MyAdmin.

On and after June 1, 2016 you will be required to click-to-accept the new version of the EUA the first time you access the MyGeotab portal.  If you have any questions about the new EUA, please contact our legal team at legal@geotab.com.

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