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Sneak Preview of Geotab CONNECT 2018

Sneak Preview of Geotab Connect 2018
Author: Geotab, Marketing Team

The wheels are in motion for GEOTAB CONNECT 2018. In less than 45 days from now, Geotab will be hosting our biggest event of the year.

GEOTAB CONNECT 2018 will take place on June 11 to 13 in Toronto, Ontario.

Fleet industry insiders, Geotab Resellers, Customers and Marketplace Partners will be gathering for learning and networking. This year’s conference will be the biggest to date. There are many exciting things in store for those who plan on attending!

GEOTAB CONNECT 2018 By the Numbers

5 Inspiring Featured Speakers

35 Engaging Learning Sessions

55 Marketplace Partners Exhibiting

500 Planned Attendees

Sneak Preview of Keynote and Session Topics

We have an exciting list of speakers lined up, including some world-renowned thought leaders in technology. Find out what’s happening on the cutting edge of innovation and research. Speakers will be sharing insights on disruption, machine learning, the future of transportation and the mobility revolution.

Our featured speakers:

  • Tony Seba, Author of “Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation”, Thought Leader and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur
  • Geoffrey Hinton, Leader of Google Brain Team Toronto, Cognitive Psychologist and Computer Scientist
  • Lukas Neckermann, Author of “The Mobility Revolution” and “Smart Cities, Smart Mobility,” Strategic Advisor and Entrepreneur

Plus, hear from Geotab leadership on the open data ecosystem, best practices in security, big data for fleet management, and the telematics connection to smart cities and states.

  • Neil Cawse, Founder and CEO, Geotab, Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Engineer
  • Mike Branch, VP Data & Analytics, Geotab, Leader in Software Design, Data Visualization and Business Strategy
  • To see the full list of speakers, visit the GEOTAB CONNECT website.

Geotab Connect 2017
Roundtable discussion at last year’s event.

Hot Topics at GEOTAB CONNECT 2018

  • The Mobility Revolution
  • The Future of Energy, Transportation and Climate
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Technology Megatrends
  • Smart Fleet
  • Smart Cities

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Dive in to Fleet Technology

Over 50 Geotab Marketplace Partners will be exhibiting at GEOTAB CONNECT 2018. This is your opportunity to see the latest in fleet technology up-close, ask questions, and get in-person demonstrations. Learn about new integrations, hardware, and software Add-Ins for safety, efficiency, productivity, and fleet compliance.

Learn about unique fleet technology integrations such as:

  • Driver cameras
  • Ruggedized tablets
  • Asset tracking
  • Advanced collision avoidance
  • Fleet gamification
  • Dispatch management
  • Interactive driver feedback
  • Engine data analysis

Data Challenge Winners Will Be Announced

Earlier this year, Geotab launched a unique competition, challenging participants to find creative and innovative uses for intelligence data from data.geotab.com. Winning submissions will be announced and presented at GEOTAB CONNECT 2018.

Let the Celebration Begin

In addition to learning and networking, GEOTAB CONNECT 2018 is also about having fun! We are celebrating one million subscribers worldwide on the Geotab platform. The event includes live entertainment and a Mariposa Boat Cruise through the Toronto Harbour.

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