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The ultimate guide to the Geotab Marketplace

Published on June 22, 2022 in Marketplace by Julia Pare |  5 minute read

Are you curious about the Geotab Marketplace? You’ve come to the right place! Learn everything there is to know about extending the value of your Geotab investment with over 350 Marketplace solutions to choose from.

What is the Geotab Marketplace?

The Geotab Marketplace is a network of fleet-focused solutions that help extend the power of Geotab for companies looking to increase productivity and compliance while lowering operating costs. The Marketplace integrates both software and hardware solutions with Geotab’s open telematics platform, providing a broad spectrum of tools from dash cams and asset tracking, to maintenance and fuel management. Marketplace offers fleets endless possibilities to customize their telematics system to fit their needs.


Geotab focuses on four core strengths:

  • Scalability — Support a growing customer base and accommodate an increase in fleet size.
  • Security — A commitment to strict privacy and security standards you can depend on.
  • Reliability — Maintain peak functionality and optimize uptime for customers.
  • Expandability — Provide a platform on which Partners and customers can build on and grow.

History of the Geotab Marketplace

Day-to-day fleet operations encompass a wide array of activities that extend beyond vehicle tracking. Fleets require maintenance diagnostics, video recording via dash cams, tracking of important assets and cargo – the list goes on. The challenge of streamlining all of these operations through a single telematics solution inspired the creation of the Geotab Marketplace.


We started off by building integration tools and a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) so companies could integrate into our platform. We partnered with industry leaders and best-in-class companies with robust solutions to contribute to our growing ecosystem. Since its official launch in 2015, the Geotab Marketplace has grown to over 350 hardware and software solutions for customers to choose from, making it the largest telematics marketplace available.

What is a Marketplace Partner?

The Geotab Marketplace supports the power of choice, catering to the diverse business needs of our customers. By offering a wide selection of authorized solution providers across various solution categories, Geotab customers can find the ideal solution to meet their unique needs.

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Marketplace Partners are carefully selected for their commitment to quality, mirroring Geotab’s standards. They undergo comprehensive training on Geotab’s products and platform, aiming to deliver impactful solutions.


“Geotab offers quality solutions through our network of world-class Partners on the Geotab Marketplace,” says Charlie Elliott, Vice President of Marketplace. “As a company committed to optimizing fleet management, we aim to equip our customers with the tools they need to improve productivity,  enhance driver safety and boost overall performance. We’re always eager to welcome new industry leaders to the Marketplace ecosystem.”

Marketplace Partners fall into four main tiers:

  • Basic Marketplace Partners: Utilize Geotab's open platform and robust SDK for integration, without detailed reviews for quality or security.
  • Standard Marketplace Partners: Offer solid integrations that enhance the Geotab experience, with solutions vetted for quality and security.
  • Premier Marketplace Partners: Delivers best-in-class solutions deeply integrated with Geotab, offering significant customer value and meeting high standards for quality and security.
  • Order Now Marketplace Partners: Seamlessly integrate with Geotab, offering an exceptional user experience and exceeding stringent quality and security benchmarks.

If you’re interested in becoming a Marketplace Partner, visit our integration page to get started.

Marketplace solution categories and types

Marketplace offers both solutions built by third-party Marketplace Partners and by Geotab.


Marketplace solution categories:

  1. Asset & Trailer Tracking: Keep fleet assets fully monitored and organized with a range of solar, battery and bluetooth operated trackers.
  2. Cameras & ADAS: Capture on-the-road insights, keep drivers accountable and protect your fleet from liability with video telematics.
  3. Compliance: Have confidence in your ELD compliance with solutions that make ELD, HOS, DVIR and IFTA regulations easy to meet.
  4. Connected Sensors: Keep your fleet vehicles running in top condition with monitoring solutions like TPMS, load weight and other vehicle sensors.
  5. Fleet Management: Maintain and monitor your fleet while streamlining operations and improving efficiency.
  6. Fuel Management: Run on less with solutions that help you stretch your fuel farther and make the most of every tank.
  7. Hardware Device Management: Simplify hardware setup and configuration with mounting, tablet device setup and other in-vehicle hardware solutions.
  8. Insurance: Take advantage of your safe driving habits and save on commercial fleet insurance premiums.
  9. Integration & Consulting Services: Pair up with companies that can build a custom-fit solution for any issue your fleet is facing.
  10. Maintenance & Diagnostics: Maximize uptime with solutions that help you predict and discover problems early ‒ and keep maintenance costs low.
  11. Mobile Workflow: Develop workflows and automated forms that empower field teams to collect data on the go and increase efficiency.
  12. Risk Management: Educate your fleet on safe driving practices and identify areas for drivers to improve their skills.
  13. Routing & Dispatch: Seamlessly coordinate delivery logistics with solutions that handle route planning, dispatch coordination and communication.
  14. Sustainability: Help reduce fleet emissions and improve your fleet's carbon footprint using information-rich data.
  15. TMS & Logistics: Gain visibility and streamline transportation operations and logistics from start to finish.
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Geotab solution categories:

  1. Add-Ins: Software solutions offering additional functionality on top of core Geotab capabilities.
  2. Geotab-Built Integrations: Integrations Geotab has built into other platforms like Salesforce, Quickbooks, ADP and more.
  3. Hardware: Adapters, harnesses, IOXs and other hardware that aid in GO device installation and physically enhance the Geotab telematics system in-fleet.
  4. Reports: Excel templates to run against your Geotab data to pull insights not included in the standard MyGeotab dashboard.

Finding the right Marketplace solution

There are a few ways to find the Marketplace solution that best fits your needs:


Browsing the Marketplace: Use the search at the top to get started. Refine your results using the Filters button on the right-hand side of the Marketplace website. These filters help narrow down your options, allowing you to sort by language, industry, and tier. This makes it easier to find solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Marketplace Hub: The Marketplace Hub is your go-to resource for finding content related to Marketplace solutions. Here, you’ll find detailed guides, insights, and best practices to help inform your choice. Visit the Marketplace Hub to explore and learn more about how different solutions can benefit your business.


Support from the Marketplace team: The Marketplace team is here to help you. Whether you’re looking for guidance on selecting the best solutions or have specific inquiries, our team is readily available to support you through the process. Contact us with any questions.

How can I use a Marketplace solution?

Once you’ve decided to implement a solution from the Marketplace, you can do so one of three ways, depending on what kind of solution you’ve chosen.

Core Marketplace solutions

The most common way to implement a solution is using the ‘Request Information’ button found in the top right corner of the Partner’s solution page. Once you’ve submitted your request, a Marketplace representative will reach out to you to connect you with a Geotab Reseller Partner. From there, the Reseller Partner will help guide you through the process of installing your new Marketplace solution.

Order Now solutions

In 2020, Marketplace launched a new program called Order Now. This program allows paid Marketplace solutions to be ordered by Geotab users right from the MyGeotab Marketplace using the new Add to Cart button. Solutions available on the Order Now program are of the highest quality that Marketplace has – they’re purpose-built solutions that are deeply integrated with Geotab’s platform to provide the best user experience.


Lytx(R) Surfsight(R) was the first Marketplace solution to launch on Order Now. Lytx Surfsight offers a dual-facing (road and cab) video telematics solution, providing insights into risky driving behaviors using machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) sensors and live video streaming. Risk events and their associated video is uploaded to the cloud and available to review from within MyGeotab.


Now we’ve expanded to include two more Order Now Marketplace Partners, Phillips Connect and Sensata INSIGHTS, with more to come.


Phillips Connect delivers heavy-duty, easy-to-install, and expandable asset management solutions that collect data on the location of non-powered assets to improve asset safety and productivity. Phillips Connect offers a variety of options to ensure you get the right solution for fleets, including battery and solar-powered asset trackers. With its integration with Geotab, fleets can view asset locations from within MyGeotab.


Sensata INSIGHTS offers an innovative video telematics device with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) features in a unique modular design. Road-facing and cab-facing HD video camera lenses record and immediately uploads risk event data and the associated video to the cloud for review in MyGeotab.


Go further with the Geotab Marketplace

To extend your telematics capabilities with the Geotab Marketplace, reach out to your Authorized Geotab Reseller or visit marketplace.geotab.com to view over 350 Partner solutions.

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