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Meet the Geotab Connect 2024 Marketplace innovators

Published on December 5, 2023 in Marketplace by Deana Beltsis |  2 minute read

Find out what’s in store in the Marketplace Exhibit Hall at this year’s Geotab Connect.

Geotab Connect is making its anticipated return from February 14-16, 2024, and all eyes are on the Marketplace. Here, you'll find the latest advancements in telematics, engage with leading industry professionals, and cultivate connections that directly translate into improved operational efficiencies, cost savings and a proactive, future-driven approach to fleet management.


The Marketplace – Fleet solutions hub at Geotab Connect

At the heart of Geotab Connect is the Geotab Marketplace – a vibrant hub that brings together a multitude of third-party solutions, tailored to enhance your Geotab fleet management experience. Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, Geotab has built an ecosystem of integrated telematics products and solutions. The Marketplace Exhibit Hall at Connect brings many of these Partners together and serves as a platform where you’ll find hidden opportunities to extend the value of your Geotab investment. From fuel management systems, and routing and dispatch solutions, to asset tracking, dash cams, maintenance insights and more, the Marketplace is designed to help you harness the full potential of your data and make the most of your telematics journey.


Introducing our Platinum Exhibitors

Our 2024 Marketplace Partner Exhibitors not only represent the high caliber of participants at the show but also emphasize the diverse and cohesive solutions the Marketplace is known for. This year’s Platinum Exhibitors include:

image of platinum logos

Exploring Marketplace solutions at Connect

New to Connect 2024, Marketplace Partners have their own dedicated Exhibitor Hall and show floor. Discover over 65 Marketplace Partners, each presenting their unique solutions — from advanced asset tracking and proactive fleet maintenance to innovative driver safety tools, compliance aids and more. The Geotab Marketplace at Connect offers businesses a singular platform to access a wide variety of tools designed to address specific fleet challenges.


When you engage with our Marketplace Partners, you're experiencing the forefront of fleet technology and innovation. They, along with our broader network of partners, represent the synergy of technology, industry foresight, and practical solutions that Geotab prides itself on.


Don’t miss the Marketplace Stage

Back by popular demand, the Marketplace Stage offers attendees a front-row seat to detailed insights on how our Marketplace Partner innovations are shaping the future of fleet management with their solutions. 


In focused 20-minute sessions, learn from real-world success stories, use cases and the expertise of industry leaders. Each presentation is a blend of knowledge and application, providing clear, actionable insights.


For newcomers to Geotab Connect, the Marketplace Stage is more than just a series of talks. It's an opportunity to connect with the best in the business and to understand the innovations driving our industry forward.


With a roster of diverse Marketplace Partners set to present, each session promises a fresh perspective on the challenges and opportunities in fleet management. Here are a few of the Marketplace Partners you’ll hear from this year:

image of all the logos

Why Geotab Marketplace stands out

As you navigate through Geotab Connect, you’ll quickly recognize that our Marketplace is not just about quantity but quality and innovation at every turn. Here's what sets the Geotab Marketplace apart:


  • It’s a rich ecosystem – The Geotab Marketplace isn’t just a network, but a powerful and comprehensive platform to access best-in-class fleet solutions.
  • Flawless integration – From dash cams and asset tracking to maintenance, fuel management, and beyond, each tool seamlessly integrates with Geotab's open telematics platform.
  • Expert collaboration – Our Marketplace is powered by the innovations of industry-leading Partners, providing advanced solutions in areas like video telematics, routing and maintenance.
  • Tailored for you – Recognizing the unique needs of every business, the Marketplace offers choice through a variety of products, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for all fleet sizes and types.
  • A future of possibilities – With Geotab's commitment to constant evolution and growth, businesses have a reliable partner for their fleet management needs now and in the years to come.

Discover the difference firsthand at Geotab Connect 2024 by visiting the Marketplace show floor. See you there!

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