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What’s new: MyGeotab updates in January 2017

Last updated on April 20, 2023 in Updates by Angie Milne |  3 minute read

A summary of recent Geotab software/firmware updates, including: HOS/DVIR, SDK, Reports, Database, User Interface (UI), and Notifications.

A summary of recent Geotab software/firmware updates, including: HOS/DVIR, SDK, Database, Reports, User Interface (UI), and Language.


Resellers: Read this post for important changes affecting your customers. Please note any recommendation actions. If you have suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment below.


Geotab Users: To verify your version: go to MyGeotab > Administration > About and check the build number, (e.g. release/2017-01 indicates “version 2017 January”). Subscribe now to stay informed of new updates.


HOS/DVIR Updates

We continue to make enhancements to Geotab Drive, including these new improvements:


Complete Workflow when Driver Changes Vehicles
When a driver changes vehicles (assets), Geotab Drive will prompt the driver to go through a complete workflow, including selecting the new vehicle, specifying whether there is a trailer attached and doing a pre-trip DVIR. This change helps ensure accuracy of information.


Add Trailer Option at Geotab Drive Log In
Upon log in, Geotab Drive users now have the option of adding a trailer, in addition to attaching a trailer. To add a trailer, log in and click the +New button at the top right of the screen.


An add new trailer button now shows on the Geotab Drive log in screen.


For more information on Geotab Drive, please review these important reference guides: Driver’s Guide to HOS and Inspection Reports and Geotab Drive DVIR Workflow.


You can download Geotab Drive on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can find more information on ELD regulations in the Quick Guide to the ELD Mandate and at

SDK Updates

Hardware Information Added to Geotab SDK Guide
A new Hardware section has been added to the Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK) Guide. This section tells you how to integrate third-party device data into MyGeotab fleet management software for tracking and reporting. Examples of third-party data include tire pressure, multiple temperatures, external switch states, load weights, and more.


In the SDK Hardware section, you can find:

  • Introduction to Third-Party Hardware Integration Protocol
  • Add-On Protocols for RS232 & USB, CAN, and BLE (including special requirements and integration process details)
  • Python Code Samples
  • Design Guide for developing a GO7 IOX hardware Add-On (with IO Expander Protocol)


New Hardware Section in the Geotab Software Development Kit Guide.


To review all the monthly SDK updates, go to > WHAT’S NEW.

Report Enhancements

Advanced Fuel Tax Report — New Values Added
Geotab has added values to the Advanced Fuel Tax report for comparing odometer and GPS readings. In the report, you will find a new column on the Data tab that shows Fuel Tax GPS Distance.

To learn how to set up an IFTA report in MyGeotab, read our Quick Guide to MyGeotab IFTA Reports written by our technical services engineer.


Time Card Report Overnight Shifts
The Time card report now accounts for overnight shift vehicles.

Database Updates

European VIN Support Improvements
To enhance service to European telematics customers, Geotab has added support for a greater number of European World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) codes.


New Diagnostic Codes Added
The below diagnostic codes have been added to support third party hardware. Geotab has also revised the descriptions of some engine diagnostics for clarity. Click here to view the list of diagnostic name changes.


Examples of updated descriptions:

  • External device — Bendix (1 = connected)
  • External device — Didcom (1 = connected)

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

Regulatory Plan for Hours of Service
MyGeotab users will notice that the new Regulatory Plan appears in the list of service plan options. This page shows you what features are supported on your plan, and activated features. For more details, read this blog post.


To view your service plan in MyGeotab, click Vehicles on the main menu, look up your vehicle, then click the tab Service plan.


Product Guide — Updated Look and Feel
The Geotab Product Guide has been updated with a responsive layout that allows for a better reading experience on multiple devices.



Additional UI Enhancements:

  • Option to select/deselect all zones has been added to the Import Zones page.
  • Users may now include historical drivers in the HOS Violation report.
  • Improved User Interface (UI) display of engine measurements.
  • Improved System Settings Help messages.


New Vin Token for Notification Templates
A {Vin} token has been added to email, web, and text notification templates. By adding {Vin} to your template, the vehicle’s VIN information will automatically populate in the notification.

There is a long list of tokens available for use, including these examples:

  • {Address} — The street address at time the exception occurred
  • {Map} — The map view of the location where the exception occurred
  • {Odometer} — The odometer value of the device
  • {Rule} — The exception rule that was broken
  • {Speed} — The vehicle’s speed when the exception occurred

To create a template, go to Rules & Groups > Rules and then click the Notification templates button.


{Vin} has been added to the list of available tokens in MyGeotab.


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For More Information

Please consult these Geotab resources for answers to frequently asked questions:

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Angie Milne

Angie Milne

Angie Milne is a Solutions Engineering Manager at Geotab with 10 years of customer-focused experience.



Geotab's blog posts are intended to provide information and encourage discussion on topics of interest to the telematics community at large. Geotab is not providing technical, professional or legal advice through these blog posts. While every effort has been made to ensure the information in this blog post is timely and accurate, errors and omissions may occur, and the information presented here may become out-of-date with the passage of time.

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