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A rugged camera solution, built for all environments

Published on November 30, 2021 in Fleet Management by Grady Meston |  2 minute read

A rugged camera combined with telematics creates a safer worksite with greater visibility into daily operations — supporting business decisions with clear, accurate data.

The right telematics solution takes data from vehicles and equipment and provides insight that improves fleet operations. You can easily track vehicles through real-time movements, optimize equipment use and prioritize maintenance schedules based on data and engine hours.


In fact, 54% of construction organizations believe tracking equipment is one of the top benefits of telematics. As well, 34% listed improved equipment and vehicle operation as the second most important benefit.


But, how can you leverage telematics data to elevate the safety of your entire worksite? 


Pair your telematics platform with a camera solution that’s built to withstand harsh, outdoor elements. With an unprecedented view into worksite operations, you’ll be running a safer, more efficient off-road fleet – even in the harshest environments.

The real concrete jungle

The term “concrete jungle” refers to a high density of large, unattractive buildings. Alternatively, if you’ve ever been on a construction site booming with operations, you’ll know that the term “concrete jungle” is taken to the next level in these conditions.


Worksites, like construction, and oil, gas and mining operations, are full of distractions. Noisy machines hinder communication between workers, airborne debris reduces visibility and air quality and sudden movements and blind spots can put workers and equipment operators in danger.


You can help remove these distractions while adding clear visibility into your worksite. 

A rugged camera built for brutal environments

Rosco Vision has some of the most rugged mobile video cameras on the market. When you have cameras built for challenging environments – auxiliary cameras to monitor cargo, side cameras, backup cameras – you have more reliability to capture data and improve operations. 


Off-road rear view, side view and other auxiliary cameras help you monitor and regulate waste while confirming delivery and compliance issues. You can also monitor events at your worksite with a live stream at all times. Rosco cameras are tested using heavy-duty vehicle environmental vibration standards like SAE 31455-201703.


Rosco’s workhorse is their DVXC4 camera system with:

  • embedded road- and driver-facing cameras, 
  • secure wiring, 
  • tamper-resistant memory storage, and;
  • robust connection to a suite of auxiliary cameras for viewing inside and around the vehicle.  

All captured video can be transmitted live via the Dual-Vision Geotab Add-in. This integration with Geotab means adding context and clarity to your telematics data; something that all fleets – both on- and off-road – can benefit from.


Rugged camera solutions

The power of integration and on-road fleet management

This powerful combination also translates to over-the-road fleets, contextualizing data to act as a clear window into daily operations.


For example, with the DV6 camera from Rosco you can monitor driver behavior through AI-based cameras. Behavior like phone use or looking at a device repeatedly will trigger a notification. The camera can also track drowsiness through eye fluttering or excessive yawning.


When you combine that visual data with telematics data – like swerving, accelerating, or harsh braking – you have an accurate picture of an incident. You can see exactly what caused the event and help improve overall safety.


Driver coaching is another function of safe worksites. Rosco cameras improve driver behavior with another layer of insights; equipment operators are trained and fleet managers understand how equipment is being used.

The big picture of worksite safety

A safer work environment reduces incidents, saves lives and keeps operations running smoothly. Geotab telematics integrated with Rosco camera solutions empowers fleet managers with a clear view into operations – a view that can capture powerful insights and help to safely expand business.


Visit the Rosco solution on Geotab Marketplace to learn more about how Rosco and Geotab can enhance your view of safety.

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