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Hours of Service Driver’s Guide Video | Geotab Drive

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Hours of Service driver's instructional video to get the drivers up and running.


    • Hello,
      The Spanish versions are being made, please stay tuned to our youtube channel to get the latest videos.
      Thank you

    • RKT – Your administrator can do this from their side. They would pull up your duty status logs in MyGeotab and there is a button to print.

  1. hi im currently using geotab but a few times like for example yesterday i dropped the trailer of at a customer and then i done my post trip and logged off then i switched my log to P.C. to bobtail home as i was off duty but i was about a two hour drive home and after i think one hour it automatically switch back to driving, why does it do this when i have went onto P.C? love this eld but this is my only problem,any help on this issue would be great thanks

    • Hi Daniel – This could have to do with a setting in the database. Administrators can set a maximum allowable distance for PC where if you exceed it, it will put you in drive. You will want to check with your admin to see if this is something they have set up.

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