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Webinar: tips on buying ELDs — now available online

Published on July 31, 2017 in Marketplace by Geotab Team |  1 minute read

Watch this on-demand webinar for important tips on buying ELDs. Learn the top e-log features to look for and 10 questions you should ask now.

ELDs — Are you ready? The first implementation deadline for truckers is December 18, 2017. By that date, carriers already using automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) must be using electronic logging devices (ELDs). Read this post to get important tips on buying ELDs.


But with so many compliance options out there, how do you know which one is right for your fleet? Although they seem similar, there are major differences.


For example, will the same device work in any class of vehicle? Vehicle compatibility affects training, installation and management. Therefore, just this one factor can have a major impact on the success of your ELD rollout and fleet compliance.

Free On-Demand Webinar on Buying ELDs

To help you with the decision, our trucking/HOS experts Scott Sutarik and Vik Sridhar have outlined the top 10 questions to ask ELD providers.


Click below to view the on-demand webinar:


Buyer Beware: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Choose an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

View Webinar


What you’ll learn in the webinar:

  • 10 Questions You Should Be Asking Now
  • Top Features of an ELD Solution
  • ELD Pitfalls & How to Avoid Them
  • Tips on Buying

If you’re shopping for ELDs, already have them, or even thinking about switching ELD providers, you’ll want to attend this important webinar. Geotab’s Scott Sutarik, who has long-term experience working in the truck manufacturing industry, and Hours of Service expert Vik Sridhar will provide insight on ELDs, compliance, telematics, and arm you with the information you need to make the best decision.


For more ELD tips, please see these other resources:

While Geotab recognizes our place as a self-registered ELD manufacturer and provider and we will answer questions regarding those Hours of Service (HOS) ruleset options we provide, neither Geotab nor any of its employees, officers or agents can offer legal advice to any resellers or customers concerning which HOS ruleset(s) or exemption(s) may apply to any particular situation. Please contact your local DOT department or refer to the FMCSA website at for questions Geotab is unable to answer.


See also: Top 5 ELD questions answered

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