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Improve how your fleet runs with the Analytics Lab

Published on March 25, 2021 in Data and Analytics by Inshaal Badar

Join the forefront of innovation, data analytics and AI.

Geotab is committed to developing brand new ways for businesses to continuously benefit from a data driven environment and with the help of actionable insights. To help align with these goals, we have introduced the Analytics Lab, which is now available as a default in MyGeotab 2102 or higher versions.


Read on to learn more about what it can do for your business.

What is the Geotab Analytics Lab?

Analytics Lab is a testing environment that allows users to engage with and influence the direction of Geotab’s data solutions. The experiments are shared in the form of Apps, or as APIs hosted within the API Explorer app. The list of data experiments is always evolving.

Available experiments and benefits

Fleet managers can take advantage of the following currently available experiments to make informed business decisions, gain a better understanding of their fleet performance and uncover trends. The experiments available will change over time as new ones are added. Keep checking back to see if there is one that interests you.

Safety Benchmarks: Investigate how your fleet safety score compares to similar fleets in the industry

Dive into actionable insights on your fleet’s safety performance that are analysed by comparing it to similar fleets within the Geotab ecosystem.

Fuel economy: Compare fleet fuel consumption with Geotab’s rich data ecosystem

Analyze your fleet’s fuel economy based on real usage data to find opportunities to increase cost savings and calculate potential cost saving using the calculator.

Fuel economy benchmarking
10 best and worst vehicle performers

Fuel Economy app UI showing fleet vehicle benchmark.

Intelligent zoning: Enjoy automatic, tailored predictive zoning

Take advantage of time-saving predictive zoning that can be tailored to your fleet’s unique needs. By using this data-driven approach, fleets can use historical activity to reduce effort and friction in administration of Zones.

Image 2

Intelligent zoning app UI showing detected fleet zones.

Image 3

Intelligent zoning app UI showing map view of a fleet zone.

Collision detection: Monitor potential collision events

Review data points of potential collision events within your fleet. Make informed decisions to reduce exposure and mitigate risks of future events.

Image 5

Collision detection app UI showing detected collision events.

Image of Honda CRV

Collision detection app UI showing a satellite view of a collision event and its details.

Contextual risk index: Evaluate risks to support safety goals 

Gain a better understanding of potential fleet safety risks by using this API. Use risk metrics to compare against benchmarks in order to improve risk management and support safety goals.

Take advantage of the API explorer within the Analytics Lab

Calling all data scientists and developers! Take your efforts a step further. Save time and gain insights on fleet activity by integrating with pre-formulated codes on a wide range of use cases.


Current use cases include:

  • Service Centre Events
  • Contextual Risk Index
  • Nearby fuel stations
  • Nearby rest areas
  • Fuel benchmarking
  • New zones
  • Collision events
Image 7

API explorer app UI showing collision events API.

How to get involved

Explore Geotab's Analytics Lab and discover new insights to empower your fleet.


If you are on MyGeotab 2102 or higher version, visit Analytics Lab through the Dashboard & Analytics menu. If you are on an older version, install the add-In available on the Marketplace and get involved in testing the experiments today.


Connect with our data experts for support on experiments, share your experience and learn more about Analytics Lab by joining our Community group.


If you have a new idea for a data experiment or want to submit a feedback, use the 

Analytics Lab Feedback form

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