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Fleet Latam Conference: International fleet management, simplified

Last updated on October 14, 2021 in Fleet Management by Kelly Laing |  4 minute read

Read the highlights from this year’s Fleet Latam Conference, hosted on September 21, 2021.

Latin America is a large region with multiple aspects to consider when it comes to optimizing fleet management. Knowing the right way to balance these differences and simplify them is key. 


At this year’s Fleet Latam Conference, the theme of the event focused on simplifying international fleet management. The fourth edition of the conference was a huge success and hosted more than 500 participants. This event gathered fleet and mobility leaders and provided an international perspective for those who are willing and interested in expanding their operations globally. The conference linked the biggest corporate fleets with potential fleet suppliers and it provided the perfect place to meet other B2B prospects and customers.


The goal of the Fleet Latam Conference is to share ideas and learn from in-depth presentations to investigate how to go international with an emphasis on cost reduction and global and regional innovative solutions and integrations. Attendees listened to inspiring case studies and joined in on discussions presented in three languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) to optimize the attendee experience.


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Thought leadership presentations and interactive panels

Sean Killen, Vice President, Latin America at Geotab, led an inspirational expert insight panel about the trends and innovations fit for Latin America. Killen focused on telematics innovation for Latin America, the benefits vs. cost and the role of data and electric vehicles (EVs).


He noted: “This current environment, in a way, shows the resiliency of Latin America. 2020 was a very challenging year, but like always, Latin America as a region figured out what needed to be done. In 2021 we have seen a significant resurgence in almost every country we work in. If this is the new reality, Latin America is managing the crisis well in the business community.”

Moving fleets forward sustainably

The enterprise fleets seen in Latin America are some of the best run fleets in the world and telematics can be a tool to help fleets continue to perform at a world class level in day-to-day operations and in the future as new technologies continue to grow in adoption.


Killen closed by stating: “Safety and optimization of the fleets are providing real value across the region and a look toward the future should include the idea that data can be produced to enhance the fleet. Longer term, the next frontier is clearly electric vehicles and the sustainability benefits they can drive.” 


Killen also notes that it might take a while to get everything sorted out, but there is no mistaking that the advancements of sustainability efforts are coming to Latin America and the rest of the world in the near future. With the right partnerships, EVs are an avenue for fleet managers to embrace and improve how fleets operate in Latin America and hopefully the rest of the world as well.


To view the full session, watch the recording below:

Balance is key to success

Eduardo Canicoba, AVP Business Development Latin America at Geotab, joined an executive panel discussion that examined how fleets can benefit from an international and regional fleet approach in Latin America. This can help fleets find a cost-efficient fleet program across the region. The discussion was informative and touched on current and emerging trends that will impact vehicle fleet management in LatAm as well as the role of a fleet manager.


Canicoba stated: “The world is more connected than ever before and knowing what our neighbors are doing is key to optimization. Fleet managers need to recognize fleet success in other countries.”


Although many feel that success abroad may not always be applicable in Latin America, in most cases it actually is. Canicoba explained that you first need to understand the local differences and then decide how to put things together in the country you are working in.


“For harmonization, the collection and analysis of data is needed. This also means knowing your return on investment on these actions. Telematics can help optimize vehicle maintenance and fuel usage, address safety issues aimed at reducing injuries and prepare for a more electrified fleet. It is more than just vehicle tracking,” said Canicoba.


Among the trends Geotab sees in Latin America today are last-mile vehicles for the delivery of food, medicine and other goods, vehicle rental and leasing and EVs.


To view the full session, watch the recording below:


Announcing the Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year for 2021

For the first time ever, the Fleet Latam Conference celebrated the achievements of a fleet manager with a responsibility across Latin America. The award was sponsored by Geotab and recognized the corporate decision-maker that has most successfully developed a regional fleet approach all while taking national differences into account.  


The award panel looked for professionals who have had success in developing and implementing a vehicle fleet and mobility strategy, satisfying cooperative objectives, including actions related to cost-efficiency, safety, security, sustainability and employee satisfaction. A jury of nine fleet experts consisting of fleet customers and fleet suppliers with expertise in the region was assembled to choose the winner of this award. 


Tania Mijas, Senior Category Manager Travel, Fleet, Congresses, Meetings and Events – Americas at Hoffmann La Roche – Genentech, was announced the winner of the first Fleet LatAm Manager of the Year Award. Mijas, who manages a fleet of 950 vehicles across nine countries, convinced the jury of her long-term strategy and successfully built a regional strategy with respect for global corporate guidelines, governance and execution in the regions with local flexibility. She demonstrated a hands-on, cost-efficient vehicle fleet management approach with room for innovation in sustainability and mobility.


To see the full announcement, watch the recording below:

Conclusion: The future is bright in LatAm

Awareness is growing in LatAm for connected technology. When it comes to efficiency, fleet managers need to have an internal vision and strategy that is supported by their stakeholders.


Telematics can unlock fleet efficiencies, especially when discussing fleet electrification and the adoption of alternative mobility solutions. At Geotab, we have seen that nearly all fleet managers have accomplished better fleet efficiencies and cost savings through the regionalization and internationalization of their fleet program. 


By focusing on supporting fleet managers in their transition to a regional or more international fleet approach, Geotab has experienced growth in Latin America over the past few years. This includes our entry into the Brazilian market in 2021.


If you want to experience all of the exciting content from this year’s event, you can discover all the session recordings in the Fleet LatAm conference playlist on YouTube.

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