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Level Up Your Driving Skills with Experience Points

telematics goal setting

Telematics generates a great deal of information that can be submitted, processed, and accessed through report generation or through an Application Programming Interface (API). Geotab has made these processes simple, and new applications can be created for diverse purposes. Such applications include fuel tracking, theft prevention, and improvement of driver skills. In short, different systems can be connected to the telematics platform to provide and consume information….and this form of extensibility is key.

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Improving Driving Skills with Measurement

Let’s take an example of improving driver on-road skills. A good starting point is to track current driving behavior. To get an accurate picture, any alerts or buzzers should be fully disabled.

Next, achievable goals should be identified based on specific driving events. Goals can be short term, such as speeding occurrences per day, or longer-term…such as looking at the number of days per month without harsh cornering. After current standing is determined and goals are defined, goal rewards can be created for employee motivation purposes.

Set Rewards for Good Driving Behavior

Rewards should reflect the difficulty or level of the goal. The rewards can even be in the form of experience points. Through progression, an experience update schedule can be setup where the experience points are tallied. Multiple goals can be combined by specifying levels to reach, which provides further incentive to “level up” in the next round. Progress is easily tracked by running a report to see the occurrences of the driving events that are being worked on.

Driving skills improvement is one example of how a flexible and extensible telematics platform can be built. It provides the building blocks and freedom to build what’s next. More than an measurement tool, telematics is at the very core of improving some of the most important aspects of transportation.

Goal Creation Tips

To get the very most out of your fleet and drivers, be sure to make your goals are SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

For more information on how to create and measure goals and achievements that are relevant to your business, please contact Geotab or ask to see an online GPS fleet management demo.

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