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The “Why” and “How” to Improve Fuel Economy

Improving your Fuel EconomyReducing fuel costs is not a new topic, yet many are looking to discover the secret formula to effectively improve fuel economy. Whether you own one vehicle or an entire fleet, extracting savings from fuel cost reduction initiatives is important and impacts your bottom line.

In the past, “going green” was the buzz word for implementing environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Today, we have been hit with ever-increasing fuel prices, and the pressure to go green is now driven by fuel economy measures. For most businesses, the number one area targeted is fuel as it is their largest operating cost.

One measurable method that helps drive fast fuel savings is to implement a GPS fleet management solution, also known as telematics. With this approach you can reduce fuel consumption by:

  • Improving driver productivity by reducing vehicle idling time, speeding, and harsh acceleration
  • Incorporating route optimization to reduce total miles driven
  • Detecting engine issues that could be contributing to great fuel spending
  • Analyzing your miles per gallon (MPG) reports to pinpoint your most fuel efficient vehicles

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An overall green fleet program which targets improving fuel economy with the use of innovative fleet management technologies helps Fleet Managers and business owners maximize their returns. Likewise, more and more businesses are turning to hybrid and electric vehicle purchases. As these vehicles become more widely used, telematics development firms must be prepared to offer reliable fleet management solutions which cater to these vehicles.


Ask your telematics provider if their technology is compatible with hybrid and electric vehicles. It is important to implement a comprehensive telematics infrastructure that allows for fleet adaptability.

Armed with information, business owners can start to formulate plans which tackle fuel economy improvement goals and objectives. Speaking with a knowledgeable consultant can help you address your needs and show you how to achieve realizable ROI.

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