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Geotab Celebrates World EV Day: Paving the Path for Commercial Electrification through Data Intelligence

Published on September 7, 2023

Data-informed electrification can drive carbon reduction, cost savings and efficiency gains for businesses

Highway with forest on either side

Toronto, Ontario - September 7, 2023 - The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions and one that is well placed to drive electrification in the short term. Over the past several years, there has been a significant transformation in the commercial sector with a surge in the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). This shift is not just a testament to technological advancements but also to the power of data intelligence. With access to quality data insights from commercial vehicles, organizations can make more informed decisions about how to successfully integrate EVs into their fleets, including a wide range of makes and models. 


"EVs are playing a key role in reducing our carbon footprint, and they can also offer compelling operational cost savings and increased efficiency,” said Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab. “There is a remarkable transition in EV adoption taking place, and the companies experiencing the greatest success are utilizing data intelligence to inform, adjust and drive decisions that impact their business and the planet. It’s truly a double bottom line.” 


How data is advancing electrification


Benefits to the bottom line

  • According to Geotab's 'Greening the Fleet' survey, 54% of fleet professionals are embracing EVs. They're witnessing reduced fuel use and CO2 emissions, showcasing a future driven by informed choices. Interestingly, 69% of respondents reported that their fleet sustainability data helped reduce operating costs in the past year.

Real-world impact 

  • Milk & More’s successful carbon reduction: Milk & More's leap into EVs stands as a testament to the industry's potential. Clocking 10 million miles each year, their transition has drastically reduced their carbon footprint, saving 1.8 million liters of diesel and avoiding 4,920 tonnes of CO2.
  • A collaborative success with Vecttor: The data provided by Telefónica Tech and Geotab enabled the Vecttor fleet to save between 14,000 and 18,000 liters of fuel per month, which in economic terms represents savings of more than €200,000 per year.

Data from a wide range of makes and models 

  • Despite the rapid growth of the EV industry, there is still a lack of official vehicle information standards, creating unique data challenges for fleet managers. Through Geotab’s technology and reverse engineering process, the company offers comprehensive data insights for more than 300 EV makes and models which provides fleet managers with the information needed to make informed decisions for fleet electrification and sustainability goals, such as vehicle range, efficiency and state-of-charge. 

Addressing Challenges

  • Geotab's Electric Vehicle Range Analysis, based on more than 3 million EV trips, provides the industry with insights into the interplay of temperature, speed and vehicle range. This real-world analysis aims to increase confidence in EV technology and build awareness of EV optimization strategies.
  • Geotab’s Fleet Electrification Knowledge Center serves as a comprehensive industry resource, spotlighting the benefits, challenges, and success stories of EV adoption, implementation and optimization for commercial fleets.

Fleets play a significant role in the shift to electric vehicles and clean transportation. Data intelligence is essential to informing sustainability plans, measuring progress and scaling decarbonization. To learn more about Geotab’s sustainable fleet solutions, visit

Media Contact

Nicole Riddle

Senior Specialist, Strategic Communications

About Geotab

Geotab, the global leader in connected vehicle and asset solutions, leverages advanced data analytics and AI to enhance fleet performance, safety, and sustainability while optimizing costs. Backed by a team of industry leading data scientists, engineers and AI experts, we serve over 50,000 customers across 160 countries, processing billions of data points hourly from more than 4 million vehicles. Data security and privacy are at the forefront of all we do—trusted by Fortune 500 organizations and some of the largest public sector fleets in the world, we meet top cybersecurity standards. Geotab’s open platform and diverse Geotab Marketplace offers hundreds of fleet-ready third-party solutions. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn or visit Geotab News and Views.

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