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Accessing the SDK from Google Sheets

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A quick demonstration on how you can use MyGeotab directly from Google Sheets. Retrieve a list of vehicles, show the location of a vehicle on the map, create a speed gauge or show recent trips.

Content on the channel for Piets video:

Please note that the Google sheet was created using the “old” Google sheet format. At the time of this writing, Google was having some issues with custom functions in new Google sheets but we found the old sheets worked flawlessly. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. The new sheets provide some benefits, like showing you help for custom functions.

If you’d like to review the source code on Github, head on over to and look for the mgsheets project. Under the src folder you’ll find all the source code used in the spreadsheet. Please note that all the Google Script (*.gs) files have been renamed to .js files. This is simply because most code editors don’t understand Google Script by default. So if you’d like to “rebuild” the Google sheet from scratch, do the following:

If you followed this process, you should be able to simply switch back to your spreadsheet view and refresh. If you see the MyGeotab menu appear, you are ready. If you created this project using the old Google sheet format, you’ll have to add the onOpen trigger as shown in the video. The new sheets automatically allows onOpen triggers to be bound to the spreadsheet.

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