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Geotab Named Winner of Halton Tech Innovation Award

Geotab Named Winner of Halton Tech Innovation Award

Geotab was recently honored as the winner of the 2016 Halton FUTURES Innovation Award for Oakville. The award recognizes Geotab’s recent technology innovations, Active Tracking and the GO TALK In-vehicle verbal feedback coaching solution, which work together to enhance driver safety, benefiting first responders and fleets across industries.

“We at Geotab are thrilled to receive such an accolade from Haltech, an organization dedicated to working with companies to accelerate tech innovation for business growth,” said Geotab CEO Neil Cawse. “Both Active Tracking and GO TALK were developed with that same dedication to business growth, designed to help customers reap major benefits from enhanced driver and fleet safety, as well as improved compliance, productivity, and operational efficiency.”

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Presented by Haltech, the first ever 2016 Halton FUTURES Awards and Innovation Summit brought together leading technology companies from the Halton region, who are developing innovative IoT, M2M, and software solutions for the world market. As a fast-growing global provider of open platform fleet management solutions, Geotab is leading the tech boom in the Silicon Halton tech community.

Cawse was also a speaker at the Halton FUTURES Innovation summit, discussing the role that telematics plays in “Smart Technologies Driving the Internet of Everything (IoE) for Smart Cities, Transportation, Industry.”

Active Tracking and GO TALK

Ideally suited for first responders or anyone wishing to closely monitor vehicle activity, Active Tracking provides location updates with increased frequency. Paired with Geotab’s GO7 fleet telematics device and MyGeotab software, it shows fluid vehicle movements on a live animated map, a progression from other telematics solutions that show jagged, jumpy paths. With Active Tracking, a dispatcher can tell at a glance if a driver is driving too fast for the road, or reassure a caller that an ambulance has just turned off the highway onto their street.

See Active Tracking in Action.

The GO TALK in-vehicle verbal coaching solution helps prevent accidents and control costs with real-time verbal feedback delivering customized coaching to drivers about safety and productivity. Spoken instructions from inside the vehicle inform and empower drivers. Using advanced text-to-speech technology, GO TALK warns drivers of violations so they can immediately correct their behavior. Fleet managers can also set custom event triggers and personalized messaging via the MyGeotab fleet management software.

Read the interview: Geotab product experts Cary Carter and John Day explain how GO TALK works.

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