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Six women in sustainability who are changing how businesses think

Last updated on October 19, 2023 in Working at Geotab by Geotab Team |  3 minute read

Geotab celebrates International Women’s Day with inspiring stories and advice from women in sustainability.

Geotab is committed to helping organizations around the world meet their sustainability goals using data and technology. Women in sustainability use data-driven insights to help improve energy efficiency, conserve resources and electrify fleets for our customers, partners and suppliers. 


To find out more about Geotab’s sustainability commitments, read our sustainability report.

What International Women’s Day means to Geotab 

We believe that when women lead, everything changes. By empowering and supporting women to lead, we can achieve a sustainable future. At Geotab, our women leaders work tirelessly alongside our partners and customers to help transition towards a net-zero carbon future


There are also women around the globe who are making a profound impact on our global and collective sustainability goals. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we recognize six women who inspire us with their commitment to making the world more sustainable. 


Fleet electrification

Charlotte Argue

Senior Manager, Fleet Electrification at Geotab

charlotte argue headshot

Charlotte Argue is a fleet electrification and connected vehicles professional. She is a passionate advocate for fleet sustainability, promoting education and engagement through her participation in organizations, like the BC Chapter Chair for Women of EVs. Charlotte has recently been selected as a finalist of EV Summit/GreenTV's Top Women in EV 2022


Charlotte’s mission is to inspire young women to simply go for it and follow their passion. Charlotte believes no one should be sitting on the sidelines when there is an opportunity to redefine how we look at the world. 


She says: “The rate of change is rapid and all women can be a part of it.” 


To follow Charlotte’s journey, you can view her LinkedIn profile and read her posts on the Geotab blog.


Climate change

Katherine Hayhoe

Senior Vice President at EVgo

Katherine Hayhoe

Katherine Hayhoe is a climate scientist and CEO of ATMOS Research and Consulting. Over the years, she has worked to bridge the gap between scientists and stakeholders to provide relevant information on how climate change can impact our lives.


Katherine inspires young women to use and analyze data to assess the impact of the climate crisis. In her best-selling book, A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions, she continues to tackle long-held misconceptions about global warming. 


She says: “We have to go out and look for the hope we need to inspire us to act and that hope begins with a conversation today.” 


To learn more about Katherine, check out her LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.


Fleet sustainability

Shauna Mercy

Marketing Manager, Sustainability at Geotab

Shauna Mercy headshot

Shauna Mercy is a life-long sustainability advocate and marketing professional in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry. With a passion for emerging technologies and sustainable practices, she focuses on communicating the importance of advancing a greener, safer and inclusive environment for all. 


As a woman of color, Shauna believes that her seat at the table can inspire other women of color to join her to ensure their voices are heard and valued. Shauna’s advice to women in business is to remain flexible and be open to new opportunities. 


She says: “Do not be afraid to make a horizontal move and try something new; you never know where you might end up.” 


To follow Shauna’s career journey, check out her LinkedIn profile.

Sustainable supply chain

Jordana Vasquez

Co-founder at Women of Color Collective in Sustainability

Jordana Vasquez

Jordana Vasquez is a trained architect and sustainability consultant. She is passionate about social causes and projects that help to advance green, diverse and inclusive environments. In 2019, Jordana co-founded WOC/CS women of color collective in sustainability, a platform dedicated to advancing women of color working across the sustainability industry


Jordana’s work is focused on creating opportunities and identifying mentorships for underrepresented women. Today, over 5,000 women of color in sustainability have been connected through virtual and in-person events. 


She says: “Nothing makes me happier than celebrating representation in sustainability, creating community, and amplifying the work of the women laying the groundwork for generations to come!” 


To learn more about the impact of WOC/CS, you can view her LinkedIn profile.

Corporate sustainability

Laura Schleicher

Sustainability and Public Affairs Specialist at Geotab

Laura Schleicher

Laura Schleicher specializes in sustainability and public affairs at Geotab. Her passion for nature led to embarking on a professional career in sustainability. Laura conducts research, creates design plans and executes programs to help protect our planet and communities. Her goal is to remain transparent throughout the entire process and share the challenges of working in the sustainability sector. 


As a young woman in a male-dominated industry, she wants to inspire women to never compromise their values to fit the mold. 


She says: “You can do it all, but not all at once; take your time and most importantly, take wellness breaks.” 


To keep up with Laura’s sustainability initiatives, follow her on LinkedIn.

Renewable energy

Jordan Brompton

Co-founder at myenergi

Jordan Brompton

Jordan Brompton is an entrepreneur pursuing her passion for renewable energy and sustainability. With 10 years of experience in green fleet technologies, she co-founded myenergi, which supplies renewable energy products and smart devices to thousands of homes and businesses.


Jordan’s mission is to create a more sustainable future for our children. She published her first children’s book, Sparki and the journey to Earth, to educate and inspire young people that they are capable of making changes moving forward. 


She says: “No one can change the world on their own, however; what they can do is inspire the future.” 


To learn more about Jordan, join her network on LinkedIn.

The future of women in sustainability 

Women continue to shape sustainability practices and the way we do business, both at Geotab and beyond. We must continue to connect, learn and fight against climate change and social injustice through education and advocacy. Surrounding ourselves with diverse and marginalized voices is essential to achieve meaningful change.


If you want to join a company that puts sustainability and diversity and inclusion at the forefront, check out the available positions on our Careers site


For the latest Geotab news, photos and career updates, follow @InsideGeotab on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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