Employee telematics training is always essential

Published on December 30, 2013 in Productivity by Geotab |  2 minute read

Learn about the many business benefits of investing in telematics training and continued education for your employees. Boost competitiveness and profit.

Research demonstrates that organizations which invest in employee training and continued education can realize the following measurable benefits:

  • Employees that feel valued are typically more motivated and loyal. According to research data, 45 percent of employees say they’d feel more motivated if their organization invested in skills training.
  • A motivated workforce increases productivity and decreases inefficiencies.
  • Organizations are more likely to survive and gain competitive advantages, taking the leading edge in their industry.
  • Task “ownership” is greatly increased.
  • Learning curves decrease, which improves productivity.

While these insights can be applied across the board within any organization, employee training within the realm of telematics is gaining importance as the technology continues to evolve with added features, functionalities, and benefits.


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Fleet managers, operations directors, and even business owners can apply telematics data to make better fleet management decisions, which has a direct impact on an organizations bottom line. By helping fleet administrators and those interpreting the data to make informed decisions, productivity will increase, and on-the-job learning curves and other inefficiencies will decrease.


Other key performance indicators which research shows can be attained due to focused employee-training programs include:

Employee retention

In the current economic climate, it is important to maintain your talented personnel. In a KPMG poll, 83% of respondents argued that people were the key to maintaining a competitive edge. Investing in your employees makes them feel valued and so more likely to stay with your firm, which also reduces recruitment costs. When it comes to telematics, retaining your top performing drivers and managers is key to reducing costs and improving business operations. For instance, with better on-road transportation and logistics that provide on-time deliveries, your customer satisfaction rate and loyalty can be expected to increase.

Reduce unfilled positions

Training existing employees can help to fill the gaps in your organization. In these difficult economic times, training can help you redeploy staff to different areas of the business and up-skill employees. Employee development plans also attract the best of the best to your organization. In today’s times, where telematics technology is continually evolving to provide end-users with more tools, those that learn and apply all that the technology has to offer will advance their own skills that can be applied across the organization. For instance, providing how telematics can reduce costs and integrating the solution with accounting software will help illustrate the return on investment that telematics technology provides.

Business survival

In more general terms, research proves that businesses are 2.5 times more likely to fail if they don’t train their valued employees. This statistic is particularly relevant currently and demonstrates the importance of investing in employee development. Understanding the business is the first step to improving the business – how can managers improve their operations without first having a firm handle on what is currently taking place? With telematics, how can fleet efficiencies improve without first identifying the performance gaps?

Competitiveness and profits

Simply put, businesses must have up-to-date skills to remain competitive. Training ensures that employees have the latest industry skills. Motivating your employees improves efficiency, productivity, and minimizes employee replacement costs. Overall, the ROI on training is one of the best long term investments that can be made by any organization.  And in the fast paced industry of telematics it is increasingly imperative to invest in the most critical asset of the company - your valued employees.\


Contact Geotab for information on how to develop a solid telematics technology-training schedule for your employees, in addition to leveraging the tools already provided by Geotab to aid in this development. For starters, check out guide.geotab.com and explore the various capabilities of your solution.


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