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Top 3 tools for successful fleet maintenance in MyGeotab

Published on January 2, 2021 in Maintenance by Geotab Team |  2 minute read

Rules and reports to help fleets keep their vehicles in top condition.

Businesses lose money every time a vehicle is unavailable for duty. Telematics can help fleet managers proactively plan fleet maintenance and minimize vehicle downtime, plus avoid those unwanted sudden breakdowns.


Several reports and tools are available through MyGeotab and the Geotab Marketplace to support preventative maintenance strategies.


Here are three fleet reports that users find helpful for vehicle health.


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1. Dynamic Vehicle Maintenance Report

This report can help maximize asset utilization and maintenance planning. The free Dynamic Vehicle Maintenance Report lets you set reminder conditions for when a vehicle needs to go in for preventative maintenance, such as by date, distance driven, or engine hours. Fleet managers can also view reports that identify which vehicles need to undergo maintenance, the specific service they need (oil change, tire rotation, etc.), and which reminder conditions have been triggered. This report is a simple but effective tool for staying on top of a fleet’s maintenance needs.

Maintenance reminders

A sample report from Dynamic Vehicle Maintenance Reports

2. Advanced Reminders Report

Geotab’s maintenance reminder platform can help you track maintenance events across your fleet, and also notify you about individual events. The Advanced Reminders Report, a built-in-report that does not need to be accessed through Marketplace, works together with the Maintenance Reminder Rules feature. A custom report, the Advanced Reminders Report sends you a report via email whenever certain criteria is met — in this case, a maintenance event in one of your vehicles — which can help prevent unexpected downtime.


In this video, you will learn how to schedule maintenance reminders in MyGeotab:



For a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up an Advanced Reminders Report, go to this blog post: Fleet maintenance woes? Automation is the answer

3. Aggressive driving rules

Stomping on the gas after a light to accelerate can take a toll on a vehicle, which can also raise maintenance costs. There are some helpful, built-in rules in MyGeotab to help you in this area. Enable these MyGeotab Safety rules to combat aggressive driving:

  • Harsh Braking
  • Hard Acceleration
  • Harsh Cornering

Even the After Hours Usage can be helpful in preventing extra miles being put on vehicles when they should be parked for the day.


These rules also have a slider so you can customize the rule to be less sensitive or more sensitive. For example, if you know that harsh cornering has been an issue in the past, you can increase the sensitivity. By moving the slider to the right, the rule will trigger at a lower g-force value.


The best part about the MyGeotab rules is they help you automate management. When a driver breaks a rule, you will receive a notification via email or an alert, when any of these rules have been compromised.


Watch this Geotab how-to video to learn more: How to set rules for your fleet in MyGeotab

Safety rule


Effective preventative maintenance involves knowing when vehicles are due for regular activities, being aware of unexpected faults and prioritizing them accordingly, and managing schedules to prevent too many vehicles from being out-of-service on any given day. These tasks get harder as your fleet grows, which is why fleet reports are so valuable. Fleet reports let you track maintenance needs from a central location and easily arrange maintenance for your current and upcoming needs. This will help keep costs down and maximize vehicle uptime.


Learn more by visiting the Geotab Marketplace Maintenance & Diagnostics centre.

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