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What’s new in MyGeotab — February 2024

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Welcome to our latest summary of updates to MyGeotab.

Assessing EV Range for uninterrupted trips

Something that many fleets tend to be concerned about when deciding on converting their Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to EVs, is whether their drivers will be able to make the full trip without needing to stop and charge their vehicle. With the new capabilities added to our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) platform, we now give you monthly insights comparing your vehicle’s longest travel distance in one trip with the potential EV range.


The two new additions to the EVSA consist of the Monthly Range Assurance and the Monthly on-route charging events charts. 

Monthly Range Assurance chart & Monthly on-route charging events chart


The accompanying Monthly on-route charging events chart helps you track the number of times an EV would need to be stopped mid-trip to charge (on-route charging) in a single month. 


For more information about these metrics, refer to the Monthly Range Assurance section of the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment User Guide.

Improving your experience: Phasing out Analytics Lab

Analytics Lab, had contained the following four experiments:

  • Safety Benchmarks
  • Route Optimization Analytics
  • Enhanced Accelerometer Experiment
  • Analytics API Explorer

Thank you to everyone who participated in MyGeotab’s Analytics Lab, which was pivotal in laying the groundwork for some of our newly launched features:


Results from the Safety Benchmarks experiment are being incorporated into the new Collision Analytics. The Enhanced Accelerometer experiment is being incorporated into the new Major and Minor collision rules. Both of these features were announced at Geotab Connect 2024!


Going forward, these four experiments, along with the Analytics Lab page, will be discontinued this month. We will soon have new ways for you to gain early access to our latest features, so stay tuned!

What else is new from Geotab 

Track your non-vehicle assets with Geotab GO Anywhere™

The Geotab GO Anywhere™ asset tracker has launched in North America, providing Customers with an easy way to track assets critical to their business such as trailers, operational equipment, and more in their MyGeotab platform. 


This product has been announced at Connect 2024! It’s available to order now – contact your Partner Account Manager for details.

Geotab Routing and Optimization drives operational efficiency and cost management 

Geotab’s specialized optimization platform enhances routing, long term planning, appointment scheduling and dispatching. Partners will need to sign a Reseller Amendment prior to selling.  


This product has been announced at Connect 2024! Reach out to your Partner Account Manager.

Moving the Product Guide 

Geotab uses Google Docs to provide you with the most current and relevant information about our products and services. However, the Google Docs platform has its limitations. Earlier this year, we encountered a technical issue with the Product Guide where Google Docs reached the maximum character limit, which includes the document text, comments, and suggested edits. Once the maximum character limit is reached, users may not be able to access the Google Doc. 


Despite our best efforts to resolve these issues, the only solution is to create a new copy of the document. So, the Product Guide is moving!


We’ve moved the Product Guide to a new document, and updated the links in any related documentation to the new Product Guide document. Remember to update your bookmarks, so you can continue to access and find the information you need!


The old Product Guide link will remain active until April 29, 2024. It will then be deprecated, and the link no longer accessible. 


! IMPORTANT: The Product Guide is still accessible through the MyGeotab application. We’ve updated the necessary links to ensure access to the new Product Guide when using the application.

Added two new Zone Types

  • Added a new Built-In Zone type: Vendor Service Center. This represents a service center where a Customer would complete maintenance that is not owned and operated by the customer themselves. 
  • Added a new Built-In Zone type: Inhouse Service Center. This represents a maintenance workshop where a customer has their own mechanics and workshop and performs their own maintenance.

Release Notes 

To learn more about all the latest improvements and fixes we’ve deployed, read through our Release Notes webpage.

Got feedback?

If you would like to submit feedback regarding new features, you can do so at any time through the Feedback Hub or your Partner.

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