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The Road Ahead: Geotab Connect and the Next Era of Transportation

The Road Ahead: Geotab Connect and the Next Era of Transportation

Last updated on February 6, 2024 in Data and Analytics by Neil Cawse |  1 minute read

Reshaping the industry through collaboration

In the fast-changing world of transportation we are seeing the impact of continuous technology advancements, shifting regulations, and global economics. Geotab Connect, February 14-16, will bring together leaders, partners, and customers for robust discussions and opportunities to learn. Those attending are powerhouses of innovation in transportation, and together, we will collaborate on initiatives that will reshape the industry including:

The Next Era of Gen AI

Generative AI, or Gen AI, is providing better-informed insights that democratize data and accelerate decision-making. Geotab has invested heavily in integrating trusted data intelligence and AI into our systems. It enables us to offer valuable insights from predicting vehicle maintenance, to assessing electric vehicle suitability, and the probability of collisions. Geotab Connect is a great opportunity to delve into AI and its future capabilities for safety, productivity and sustainability.


Sustainability: Small Steps for Big Change

The world can’t wait. The call for more action on sustainable business practices is loud. Emissions regulations are becoming more stringent, with requests for tracking, reporting, and carbon emission reduction. Organizations are adopting an “incremental change for significant impact” approach, focusing on achievable, measurable, and transparent goals. All of this relies heavily on technology and data insights. This requires extensive collaboration and we have recently formed a Sustainability Alliance with over 28 partners to help drive further progress.


Walking the Cost Tightrope

Following a turbulent year in the transportation industry, marked by significant changes driven by technology, sustainability, and shifting consumer demands, there is increased attention to managing cost. As companies aim to thrive in this evolving landscape, they must adapt, innovate, and improve working conditions. Data insights are increasingly being sought to help save on fuel costs, predict maintenance needs, optimize routes, and improve the bottom line. I’m expecting robust discussions in this area at Geotab Connect.


Taming the Wild West of Standards

Collaboration across the industry adopting data standards will be essential to the future of connected vehicle data management. Geotab along with industry partners, is at the forefront of this effort.


This is a great time to be in the industry. Innovation, data intelligence, collaboration and technology is changing almost daily. Geotab Connect will be a dynamic exchange of information within the industry, creating opportunities to improve performance, safety and sustainability for business, people and the planet.

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