Measure twice, cut once

Published on September 18, 2012 in Productivity by Geotab

Business measurement with telematics can help you accurately measure performance and find opportunities for savings and growth.

If you've ever tried building a fence or doing some DIY work around the home, you've heard the old expression: measure twice, cut once. Know the exact size required, before you pick up that saw. It's no different in managing your business. You must ensure you measure accurately, otherwise the results might not be what you need.

There are many opportunities for business growth and expense control but where do you start? To avoid hind-sight management, telematics technology that is measurement driven, can accurately report accurate trip mileage (breaking out personal versus work-related mileage), departure and arrival times at the office and customers, customer service time, fuel consumption and driving safety habits.

Accurate Business Measurement with Telematics

With Geotab technology, our unique connected vehicle technology enables the most accurate measurement and reporting possible.

So measure first.

Identify the opportunities for expense savings and business growth based on:

  1. Time,
  2. Fuel,
  3. Safety, and
  4. Compliance.

New trend reports are excellent and help to identify the outliers - the drivers or elements that fall outside of the average. Compare your fleet's performance by week, month, or even year to year, and you will start to see trends. By identifying these elements and associating the cost-benefit of managing them, you can put together your business case for taking action based on facts.

By leveraging Geotab's custom fleet management reports you can access accurate business intelligence for better decision-making. For example, trend reports on fuel economy, idling, or CO2 emissions, can help identify potential issues with vehicles or driver behavior that need attention. With this insight, your fleet can increase business efficiency and productivity.

For more information on what data elements are available for measurement on your fleet's specific asset types, please schedule a product demonstration.

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