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A year-long season of giving

Last updated on October 19, 2023 in Working at Geotab by Geotab Team |  2 minute read

Through Geotab Cares, $100,000 in donations and numerous employee volunteer hours benefited organizations worldwide in 2022.

An integral part of being a Geotabber is feeling empowered to do the right thing, which carries into the communities in which we work, live and serve. As the year’s end approaches, Geotab has contributed $100,000 to support organizations across its global locations in addition to numerous employee volunteer hours. 

Through Geotab Cares, Geotab’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, employees give back through four pillars: STEM to promote educating for the future, safety to continuously advance technology that creates safer roads, environment to build a better tomorrow and community to demonstrate leading by example. In addition to Geotab-led initiatives, employees are invited to request company-match donations for the causes near and dear to their hearts, promoting greater company reach around the globe. Geotab Cares represents the organization’s charitable giving causes as a direct reflection of what is important to Geotabbers. 


Since 2018, Geotab has contributed more than $500,000. 

A global lens

Natural disaster relief, youth organizations, a scholarship endowment, food security and mental health causes are among the causes Geotab directly supported throughout the year.

Key to Geotab Cares is timeliness. Following the February invasion of Ukraine, Geotabbers collaborated to raise nearly $23,000 throughout March and April to support crisis relief for Ukrainian citizens. That amount was then doubled and donated through a company match by Geotab.


“Geotab’s CSR response to support Ukrainian citizens is just one example of the actions we take to showcase our value of ‘do the right thing,’ which encompasses acting with compassion and empathy,” said Geotab Founder and Chief Executive Officer Neil Cawse. “Geotab Cares enables us to provide support for diverse causes throughout the year, from a global response mission, as with Ukraine, to a local school team seeking funding for its youth. This program is a mirror of Geotabbers — their important causes become our causes. Following an exemplary year of giving back, I look forward to Geotab continuing to champion community causes in 2023.”

Answering with action

Along with monetary fundraising, Geotabbers dedicated their hours through service. Employees spanning multiple offices organized for World Cleanup Day on September 23 as part of the global effort to tackle waste and build a more sustainable environment. From parking lots to parks and trails, employees led cleanup efforts in the areas surrounding Geotab offices, exemplifying that sustainability is at the core of everything Geotab does.

“At Geotab, we constantly look at how we positively impact the environment we work in,” said Geotab Facilities Specialist Krystine Hiew, who is also a member of the organization’s GO Green committee. “It shows others that Geotab is actively supporting its local communities through various initiatives, such as World Cleanup Day, donating to local food banks and many more. With World Cleanup Day, people who were enjoying the park we were cleaning came to thank us and ask what we were doing this for, and we were able to tell them how our company encourages us to support the areas in which we work. It was nice to see and hear the positive impact and influence it made on people enjoying the park.”

Additional community events throughout 2022 included food, toy and blood drives.

A culture of caring

Geotab’s products and services are built around the concept of connection, and that extends to how we integrate with our communities through CSR. 


“At Geotab, we have our own committees that are staff led,” added Hiew. “Different departments passionate about various causes come together throughout the year to educate staff and lead through example. We put our words into actions.”


Learn more about our community involvement through our CSR page, and explore our core values – including doing the right thing – via our culture book

Ready to jump-start your career with Geotab in 2023? See open positions on our Careers site.

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