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Why mentorship is important: Interview with Sabina Martin

Last updated on October 19, 2023 in Working at Geotab by Women@Geotab ERG Group |  3 minute read

Sabina Martin shares how mentorship can inspire the next generation of women.

Sabina Martin, Associate Vice President of Product Management at Geotab, has been involved in the fleet industry for six years. Since joining Geotab, Sabina has led and managed engineering teams to meet the needs of our customers, resellers and partners. She is passionate about using data to solve problems to create a safer and more sustainable environment. 


Sabina also mentors women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)-related careers to provide them with resources and opportunities for career growth. To keep up with her STEM initiatives, follow her on LinkedIn.


In honor of Women’s History Month, we interviewed Sabina Martin to discuss her career, the importance of mentorship for women in STEM and to hear her advice for young women.

How did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in STEM? 

I enjoyed math and science from a young age. My passion lies in art, design and technology. In high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and was toying between medicine and engineering. I ended up choosing engineering because it aligned with my creative side and I’m so glad I did. A career in STEM has given me the opportunity to make an impact on business by applying my technical skills to solve consumer-facing problems. 


Fun fact: One of my year-end group projects for bio-instrumentation design was related to the fleet industry and helping drivers keep track of their level of consciousness at the wheel. 

Sabina presenting her year-end group project.

How would you explain your STEM field?

I use my engineering skills to solve complex problems in business. My main responsibility is to work with customers to learn about the challenges they face and help determine how Geotab can solve them. I do this by providing customers with value and aligning with Geotab’s long-term sustainability goals. I find it exciting to communicate with multiple departments, such as business development and marketing, to make an overall impact on business for our mutual customers. STEM has helped me understand technical concepts and processes all the way from product development to the end-user. 

Sabina Martin working at Geotab in STEM.

How has the environment changed for women in STEM since you started your career?  

The number of women in STEM is growing, yet women still remain underrepresented. Since university, I have been fortunate to experience a higher than normal ratio of female students during my undergrad. Fitting in was never really a problem for me. That said, I know other peers have not been so lucky and there is work to be done to address gender-based discrimination. Personally, I try not to think every problem I encounter is based on my gender. There may be situations where my gender is a factor and others where it is not. As you grow in your career and face different challenges, you build resilience. When you are confident in yourself, you can overcome setbacks and navigate situations in a respectful way.

Sabina Martin speaking at a Geotab event

Why is mentorship important for women in STEM? 

Mentorship helps young women meet role models, access career-building opportunities and improve their self-confidence. The first step is to begin educating young women on the opportunities and relevant skills through early education. We must support girls and women who are interested in pursuing careers in STEM.


Women@Geotab was founded to help empower women pursuing careers in STEM. This program was designed to provide all women with resources to develop their careers and attain their full potential. Increased representation of women leaders is important as it helps us see our own potential. 


Is there a particular woman you see as a role model in STEM?

I remember attending a conference at university. One of the panelists was an engineer who worked at a Canadian athletic apparel company.  Her career focus was developing and commercializing product offerings. I was so intrigued by her career journey and how she tackled business problems. She said something that sticks with me to this day: the foundation she built in early education helped her navigate tough situations. It was a long time ago and I don't remember her name, but this shows how one story can inspire your career. This panelist pushed me to better understand opportunities in STEM without even knowing me.

Do you have any advice for women in the STEM field? 

All women are capable of achieving their goals, no matter the situation that arises. A difficult situation does not define your skillset or capability. Take your time and collect resources to tackle problems. Keep your head high and move on to the next problem when you are ready! Do not be afraid to ask questions. Be open to advice and constructive feedback. I highly recommend getting a mentor if you have the chance. This will expose you to different perspectives and areas for growth. Another tip is to connect with peers, a support system to manage challenges and make difficult decisions.

Sabina Martin speaking at a conference

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