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Geotab Software & Firmware Updates (July & August 2016)

Geotab Software & Firmware Updates (July & August 2016)
Author: Angie Milne, Solutions Specialist

Welcome to the summary of the latest Geotab software and device firmware updates. Verify your version by checking your build number in MyGeotab (Administration > About), e.g. 5.7.1607.xxx release/2016-08.

Read about exciting changes in Geotab Drive Version 4.0 and our new multi-language GO TALK update!

In this Edition:

  • MyGeotab Database Updates
  • HOS/DVIR Enhancements
  • IOX News
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • SDK Preview Features
  • Localization
  • User Interface (UI) Enhancements

geotab e-news

MyGeotab Database Updates

  • New Diagnostics — There have been additions, updates, and revisions to several engine diagnostics. Read the full list in this MyGeotab Status Data Changes document.
  • Geotab has updated J1939 Suspect Parameter Numbers (SPNs) to current SAE standards.


  • Fuel Product Types — Fuel product type information is now available for Fill-Ups (displayed in MyGeotab and in Excel reporting). When fuel transactions are imported and reported on in the Fill-Ups section, the purchased product type is shown. Product type has been retroactively updated for imported WEX fuel transactions. Product type categories include:
    • NON FUEL
    • REGULAR (86-87 OCTANE : 90 RON)
    • MID GRADE (88-89 OCTANE : 92-93 RON)
    • PREMIUM (90-91 OCTANE : 94-95 RON)
    • SUPER (92-94 OCTANE : 96-99 RON)
    • DIESEL
    • E85 (ETHANOL 85%)
  • In the Fill-Ups report, Geotab has improved the reporting of suspect events on recent fill-up transactions.

HOS/DVIR Enhancements

Geotab Drive 4.0

Geotab Drive Version 4.0 is now available for Android and iOS devices! The new version is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To upgrade to the latest version, please go to the Google Play Store, or Apple App Store, and press the Update button.

We have made several important updates to enhance compliance with the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) rule such as exemptions for salespeople, oilfield operations, plus yard moves and personal conveyance. The mobile app now supports Texas Intrastate Hours-of-Service Rules.

For more info, read the Geotab Drive 4.0 Preview, written by Senior Software Developer Mike Murkovic.

What’s new in 4.0?

  • Faster, more user-friendly Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) workflow.
  • Dedicated report for roadside inspections.
  • Support for various HOS exemptions and rulesets, including Salesperson Exemption and Oilfields Operation Exemption.
  • Added cycle limit for for Short Haul drivers.
  • Texas Intrastate Ruleset added.
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements.
  • Android/iOS notifications for Drive when coming close to a violation.

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The complete ELD regulations can be found at www.fmcsa.dot.gov.

IOX News

The GO TALK driver coaching solution now supports French, German, Italian, and Spanish spoken notifications for server-based rules. To set the language of your choice, log in to MyGeotab. Find the instructions in the IOX-GOTALK Specifications.

MyGeotab GOTALK multi-language
IOX-GOTALK language options in MyGeotab.

Reporting Enhancements

First name and last name fields for drivers are now available in Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR).

SDK Additions

The list of monthly SDK updates can also be found in the What’s New section at my.geotab.com/sdk.

IMPORTANT: To prevent potential issues such as integrations breaking,  .Net users will require a dll update.

July 2016:

  • Performance and maintenance enhancements.

August 2016:

  • MessageContentType – Added: “DriverWhiteList”
  • DutyStatusLogType – Added: “PC” (Personal conveyance driver status), “YM” (Yard move driver status), “WT” (Wait time oil well driver status).
  • FuelTransaction – Added “ProductType” property.
  • FuelTransactionProvider – Added “WexLegacy”, “Fuelman” and “Comdata”.
  • GoDevice – Added “GoTalkLanguage” property.
  • User – Added “IsYardMoveEnabled” and “IsPersonalConveyanceEnabled” properties.
  • HosRuleSet – Added “OilWell7Day”, “OilWell7DayBig”, “OilWell8Day”, “OilWell8DayBig”, “AmericaTexas”, “AmericaTexasShortHaul”, “OilTransportTexas”, “OilWellTexas”, “AmericaShortHaul8Day”, “AmericaShortHaulPassenger8Day”, “OilTransportShortHaul8Day”, “AmericaTexasShortHaul8Day”
  • KnownId – Added “DiagnosticSystemAlertId”

New Objects:

  • DriverWhiteListContent
  • GoTalkLanguage
  • FuelTransactionProductType

For detailed information on new features please review the API Reference.


  • Geotab has added a Polish language option to the User Interface. MyGeotab language support now includes English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, and Polish.
  • Minor improvements to report translations.

MyGeotab localization in Polish/Polski

User Interface (UI) Enhancements

Reports Shortcut

To make it faster and easier for users to view and run reports, Geotab has now added a shortcut within the Administration > Report section.

There are two ways to view reports:

Navigate to Administration > Reports > Report views

    1. Click on Preview to run the report, or
    2. Select the report you want to run and on the Report Edit screen, click on the View report button.

Reports preview shortcut in MyGeotab fleet management software

Live Map Quick View of Vehicles

A new feature allows users to instantly view vehicles when opening the Live Map. Users will see the first 50 active/communicating vehicles on the map.

This is extremely useful for small fleets or managers with a smaller data scope since they can quickly view their fleet without having to select the vehicles.

Driver Comments Option Now Included in Notification Templates

User comments can now be added to notifications, through the {driverComment} token. This enhancement will make it possible to communicate a driver’s phone number and other important information in case of an emergency or other urgent situation.

To customize your notifications, go to Rules & Groups > Rules and click the Notification templates button. You have the option to use an existing template from the list or use the buttons at the top of the page to create a new email, web, or text template.

Comments field in MyGeotab notifications template
New Comments field in Notifications template.

Other UI improvements:

  • Updated user clearances now allow printing of the HOS compliance report with a View HOS logs clearance. Previously, users required the Administer HOS Logs clearance to print these reports.
  • An automatic ELD driving log entry will be generated at 60-minute intervals for trips in progress.

Have a question about any of the updates in this post? Please leave us a comment and we will let you know the answer!

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  • Posted October 31, 2016 at 12:58 pm | Permalink

    Hi Adam! Thank you for your suggestion on additional features for Geotab Drive. Please reach out to your Authorized Geotab Reseller so that they can understand this request further and work with our team to provide a solution to your needs. Thank you. – Angie

  • Posted October 1, 2016 at 12:28 pm | Permalink

    Can the next release of Geotab Drive include the ability to flag trips? We need a way to report vehicle mileage for each vehicle/driver but include a subtotal of mileage for business reasons vs. personal. The requirement is due to IRS “fringe benefits” rules when company vehicles are provided to employees and those vehicles are used for personal use such as commuting to/from work. The trip flag (personal/business etc.) would need to captured using the Drive mobile app and the data collected would need to flow back to the Geotab database so the reports/dashboards could be created in the “MyGeoTab” website.

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