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Top Myths & Misconceptions Related to Telematics

onboard diagnostics and the remote mechanic
When it comes to telematics and tracking company vehicles – there can sometimes be a negative attitude surrounding the use of GPS tracking systems. The reason for this is mostly due to a misunderstanding of the product by business owners, workers and employees.

This article aims to tackle the misconceptions behind telematics to help get you and your business on the right “track.”

Top Myths Behind Telematics Tracking:

1) It’s expensive to use these systems.
Not all customers have the same needs – while some users may want to get detailed engine and fuel reporting, others may just want basic GPS tracking information or have the ability to answer the question of “where are my trucks right now?” In addition, you can analyze the data and help in future route and schedule planning which can help reduce gas costs and wear and tear on vehicles and help you save time and money and really get a return on investment.

2) Installation can be difficult and complicated and will cause me significant downtime.
Long gone are the days of multiple cables and antennas – not only are the latest line of GO products very small and compact, but also they are designed to be simple plug and play devices. You just locate the OBD port in your vehicle, insert the device into the port and voila! You can be live tracking vehicles within minutes of unboxing your device.

3) Why do I need to track drivers when I can just use their paper logs and service cards?
While it’s true you can use paper logs and service call sheets to confirm work has been completed – sometimes these can get misplaced or key details can be forgotten. Furthermore, no one wants to be stuck doing paper work when there is a simpler way to do things. Why not use the automated (and customizable) reports that Geotab offers to streamline service reports and payroll activities? Also with real time tracking – you have the ability to give customers accurate and up-to-date information on when a service call will be performed, thereby increasing customer service.

4) I do not need to track my employees and therefore have no need for telematics tracking.
Telematics devices do not have to be used for directly monitoring employees day to day driving – some customers utilize the devices for a more basic use, such as security. If a vehicle (or expensive piece of equipment) is ever stolen – with the help of Real Time Tracking your chances of recovering these assets increase exponentially.┬áIn addition because telematics devices can communicate with the vehicle computer directly, it is possible to pick up on potential vehicle problems (via diagnostic codes) and perform preventative maintenance before these issues become bigger problems. Telematics can help you protect and prolong the life of your valuable assets.

5) My employees operate in remote locations and I won’t be able to accurately track them.
While the main form of communication the GO devices use to upload data is through cellular networks, the telematics devices do have the option of storing months and months of data on the device itself (which it will upload once the vehicle comes back into an area of cellular reception). Geotab also offers an Iridium option (Global Satellite system), which can be used in remote areas.

For more information on these and other myths related to telematics – contact Geotab or your local dealer for more information.

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